Camas Valley, ID(elevation 5400ft)
Take exit 95 in Mountain Home, ID. Head north on Hwy US-20 for 29 miles. At this point you have climbed the last steep grade,and the Hwy now enters the Camas Valley(welcome to snowkite
heaven). Continue heading East on Hwy US-20 for 5.5 miles. Keep your eyes on the North side of the road, you will see a small structure dubbed "the warming hut". Turn north into parking area.
Park at the far West end.This location is called Malcomson Snowpark. If you are coming from Fairfield  on US-20 it is 21 miles to the snowpark. It is privately own, but a public access easement is
held by Elmore County, and managed by the Mountain Home Snowmobile Club.
Malcomson Snowpark is 620 acres, bordered by public land to the north, and private land to the East and West.
This means kiters and snowmobilers are actually tresspassing most of the time. However, adjacent land owners are aware of this and have granted unspoken permission for the past 25 years.
Given that we respect the land. i.e. Not littering, destroying fences, or endangering snowmobilers, it is ours to use. With that said the true size of the kitable land is about  
15,000 Acres!

Please respect the use of this land to ensure our future access!

Ideal Winds: W or E. but works in all wind directions. The most common winds are W, and NW averaging 16-20 mph. E winds are typically strong!(20-30mph), or totally flat (2-11mph).

Hazards: Early/late season riders should watch for rocky out crops, lone fence posts, and 3 eyed snow leopards. With a 3 ft. snow base this area is 99.9% hazard free. Great for beginners.
Advanced riders will find plenty of interesting terrain, and endless powder pockets.

Launch: You can launch almost anywhere, but we recommend walking 500 ft. North of parking lot to avoid congestion, and reduce the risk to spectators in parking area. Kiters here pat
themselves on the head for assisted landings, and if injured.

Kite sizes: Bring everything from a 6 meter to a 16 meter. Most common kite is a 13m.
Videos coming soon!
Secret Locations

Notellum ridge, ID
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Idaho Kitesports
Malcomsen Snowpark
looking S.E
2 miles north of the hwy 20.
Heading to the ridge!

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