Ryan Waite is the owner and
operator of Idaho  Kitesports,
Inc. He has been kiting since
2003, and instructing since
Raised by a father who taught
him early in life about the joys
of an outdoor lifestyle. He has
pursued such sports as
backpacking, mountaineering,
rock climbing, slip and slide,
sidewalk chalk, Mtn Biking and
Skiing. He has always strives
to push himself physically and
mentally. He has traveled the
world visiting countries like
New Zealand, Brazil, Virgin
Islands, Mexico, and Alaska.
In fact it was in Neslon Bay,
NZ that Ryan first saw a kiter
catch huge air. Upon
witnessing this amazing new
sport, he decided then and
there to dedicate his life to the
power of the wind.
Our goals:

1. To provided our clients with
the very best products that we
can find.

2. To offer safe, professional
instruction, at affordable rates.

3. To provide meals that are
second to none during  multiday

4. Most of all our goal is to make
you feel warm and fuzzy inside
because this makes us feel
warm and fuzzy inside.
"If you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much space."
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