Snowkiting: Done with skis or snowboards, on flat open fields, rolling hills, or steep mountains, snowkiting is a thrilling
sport. All you need is wind, snow, and open terrain.  Use your kite to cruise through the backcountry making huge powder turns or
catch big air while freeriding natural snow features.

In 2000, a few guys started pushing the limits with their kites in the challenging terrain of France. Their stories set the stage for a
snow sport revolution. Kiters around the world began flocking to snow covered hills and mountains for a taste of the budding
adventure sport. Manufacturers followed, creating kites engineered specifically for snow conditions. Today, snowkiting is the fastest
growing snow sport in the world.
Kiteboarding: A
kiteboarding board is a unique hybrid
of a wakeboard and a surfboard. You
can skim across the water, catch big
air, ride waves, or explore the rapidly
advancing world of freestyle tricks.

Since its invention in 1995,
kiteboarding has been the fastest
growing water sport in the world.
Every single body of water on which
wind blows has the potential of being
a kiteboarding paradise.  The sport
has converted many avid surfers,
wakeboarders and windsurfers.  
These days, it's common to hear
kiteboarders chuckle and say that
"windsurfing has been cancelled."
Recreational: This form of kiting
is fun for everyone. Kites come in many
shapes and sizes. From two-line kites
suited for most children, to four-line power
kites that will challenge any adult. These
kites are compact, affordable, and great
for parks or beaches.
Kite Land Boarding: Now
imagine kiting on a board equipped with
wheels.  Landboarding promises speed,
adrenaline and the bragging rights afforded
only to the most brave.  Prepare to ride dry
lake beds, grassy fields, sand dunes, beaches,
asphalt parking lots, and more.  If you can
dream it, the kite will take you there. Catch
air, carve turns, throw massive power slides,
the list goes on....
Buggy Kiting:    
Buggies were one of the first
uses for traction kites. You sit
low to the ground steering with
your feet, and use the kite to
achieve amazing speeds! The
world record is over 70 mph.
Using your buggy on beaches
and sand dunes, will have even
the most extreme ATV riders
watching in envy!
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Idaho Kitesports is based in beautiful Boise, Idaho.  We offer exceptional
service based on years of experience guiding snowkiting and kiteboarding
adventures. We use and sell the highest quality products from industry leading
Conditions are great!
Water is warming, and
Spring winds are here!
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