The ION 5 a hybrid kite for freeride & waves or 5-line, no
bridle, C-shape performance for snowkiting. One kite, that delivers
two riding styles - the Ion5 by Flexifoil.

The Ion5 is the new hybrid kite from Flexifoil. Following the massive
success of the Ion's, the NEW ION5 has been designed to give
amazing performance to all intermediate and experienced
kiteboarders, no matter what style of riding you're into.
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Flexifoil's remarkable safe,
effective and easy to use, with
advanced rider-adjustable
features like a 5th line that
Flexifoil's remarkable operates
independently new control bars.
It's new control bars. It's safe,
effective and easy to use, with
advanced rider-adjustable
features like a 5th line that
operates independently of
depower. What's more, the flexi
bars can be customised to suit
your setup with accessories
including alternative chicken loop
options, a PU centre line, a 5th
line handle pass leash and a
clam cleat depower system. The
result is a highly versatile, high
performance control bar
begs to be flown hard.

5 meter kite only      $599.99
7 meter kite only      $749.99
9 meter kite only      $869.99
12 meter kite only    $999.99
Bar 48cm                  $339.99
7 meter kite only          $849.99
9 meter kite only          $929.99
11 meter kite only        $999.99
13 meter kite only      $1069.99
Hadlow Bar 48cm         $325.99
7 meter kite only:           $799.99
8.5 meter kite only:        $889.99
10.5 meter kite only:      $969.99
12.5 meter  kite only:  $1049.99
14.5 meter kite only:   $1149.99
Ion Bar 48-54cm            $339.99
The Proton is new from Flexifoil for 2011 - The kite for all levels of
rider. It has a fast turn, snappy handling, and great boost. The all-round
package gets you on the water with minimum fuss. It’s the best value water
kite package we’ve ever produced. Now you can own a Flexifoil for less with
the Neutron!
The kite is supplied as a 4-line kite running on 20m lines. 5th-line and 5m
extensions are available as an upgrade. The kite is available either
complete with bar and lines or kite only.
The kite works great for freestyle tricks due to it’s solid power. It has great
depower and snappy turning making the kite great in the waves, and has
numerous safety options available for the beginner and intermediate rider.
The Proton delivers a great ride whether you’re into freestyle, freeride or
Hadlow Pro
The new 2011 signature model Hadlow Pro has been designed specifically
for the needs of the world champion PKRA kitesurfer Aaron Hadlow. We’ve
worked tirelessly over the past year - tweaking, tuning and improving the 11'
AHPRO design, to improve the kites performance which is already likened to
an F1 car.

Performance enhancement
The performance enhancement seen with the new 201 design is impressive.
Aaron specifically wanted us to improve the larger kites ability to drive quickly
to the top of the window during the kiteloop. This has been achieved, the new
kite races to the top of the window enabling massive powered driving
megaloop and with predictable responsive control and soft landing.

Fitter, faster and leaner
We’ve also improved the kites re-launch ability, reduced the weight, made the
kite stronger and improved the bar feedback. You know where the kite is and
what it is doing at any given time. These improvements have helped Aaron
achieve what no kitesurfer has ever done before; win five consecutive PKRA
world titles and become the world’s undisputed best freestyle kiteboarder.
134 x 40
Bend the rules, break
convention and be different
with the Anarchist and
Anarchist Pro from Flexifoil.
Optimised for the casual rider
with a view to free-riding, the
Anarchist and Pro are
designed to be controllable
through the waves to give a
comfortable, strong ride with
predictable characteristics.
134 x 40
Be ruthless on the water and blow
past your own standards with the
Hooligan freestyle board from Flexifoil.  
An evolution from the popular Delta
board, the Hooligan offers massive
amounts of pop originating from its
square tips and precise fin positioning.
Hadlow pro
138 x 40
Aaron Hadlow and Flexifoil present,
fresh for the 2011 season, a new
direction for the HADLOW brand. With
an unprecedented five PKRA
championships behind him, Aaron has
worked to develop the ultimate
freestyle board that has proven its
success time after time.

Hadlow ID
What makes us who we are? How do we put our head
above the crowd? We make statements. We show the world
who we are, what we're about and where we want to be. We
aspire, we drive and we succeed. 11 years ago Aaron
Hadlow started a kitesurfing journey with Flexifoil. He
decided he wanted to be at the top and he went there. He
showed the world his character, proved who he was. Now
he shares that journey with you, presents you with a
kitesurfing kite that will take you there to join him, to share
that identity, that success, that image. HADLOW, powered by
Flexifoil, present the Hadlow ID.
Stemming from the existing HADLOW PRO, the HADLOW ID
adds to the HADLOW Collection a kite firmly in the reach of
all aspiring kiters. With increased depower, easier relaunch
and phenomenal performance in freestyle, freeriding and
wave riding the Hadlow ID is an expansion on the HADLOW
Collection that gives you the tools to grow and be a part of
the HADLOW movement from intermediate to pro riders alike
6 meter kite only           $879.99
8 meter kite only           $939.99
10 meter kite only         $989.99
12 meter kite only       $1049.99
Hadlow  ID Bar 48cm     $325.99
In howling winds, blackened skies and crashing waves some
people go home. Some people cower in their vans. Some people
wait for lighter conditions, for calmer conditions. Others are brave.
Fearless. They take out their pumps, set up their kites and pluck up
their courage. For those amongst you, we present, the Flexifoil
For those who are about to ride, we salute you!
Developed for precision flying and high wind kitesurfing, the
Flexifoil Stormchaser is the very best high wind kitesurfing kite
available. The Flexifoil Stormchaser takes high wind kiting
performance to breaking new levels, and with Flexifoil’s current
construction standards, the Stormchaser guarantees the durability,
quality and power that you need to rip on those high wind days and
that only a Flexifoil kite can provide.
5.5 meter kite only           $779.99
Stormchaser  Bar 48cm    $325.99

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